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Coffee And Conversation With Colorful Women
Welcome Back

How do you survive the unimaginable? How does one find hope when it seems lost forever? Life presents us with unexpected hardships and can feel like a never-ending barrage of sorrow and suffering, however, throughout it all, women have managed to transform inflicted duress and misfortune into inspiration for others.

Coffee & Conversation with Colorful Women will enlighten you in ways unimaginable. Here is an opportunity to welcome you back to yourself while delighting in the contagious optimism among other dynamic women.

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Recharge your life with incredible stories of survival and resilience! Hear tales of courage, strength, and determination that will transform how you look at challenges. This inspiring event can help reignite the fire in you; giving a second chance to reclaim what was thought to be lost forever. Learn strategies for success so that when it comes to life’s game – YOU WIN!

Welcome Back to Me
Stacey (that’s “ey”) L. Tidwell


While everyone’s version of coming back to themselves looks a little different, I have found that the key is accepting one’s past and learning from it. For me, it took a long time – filled with plenty of tears and missteps – but eventually I was able to recognize the strength within myself that had been there all along. The process wasn’t easy, but it did lead me to a better understanding of myself and how my values and experiences could help empower others who are searching for their paths after traumatic events. Now, instead of being a victim of it, I am now able to see the moments that “made” me as gifts, gifts that any individual can find in their own unique journey of self-discovery.

The women I work with come from all walks of life, but they share a common bond: they are determined to overcome and heal from the pain of trauma. These courageous women often surprise me at their resilience, turning tough times into learning experiences that lead to personal growth and success. It is never too late to start the journey of self-discovery and find the courage within to make all of your goals a reality. With strength, courage and dedication, it is possible to move beyond the pain of trauma and create the life you long for and deserve.

Let's Welcome Back... Javoyne Hicks

We have some amazing women that will be talking about their journey in overcoming some unfathomable events. One of our featured speakers, who is an awesome example of a warrior women is that of Javoyne Hicks.  After experiencing the loss of her husband, Javoyne has been committed to wellness and suicide awareness and prevention.

Over the last several years, Javoyne has been committed to promoting the importance of wellness on all levels— physical, mental, social, and financial. She has served as a speaker for several organizations and as a panel member/ presenter for numerous continuing legal education classes on the topics of wellness and suicide prevention. She helped develop the State Bar of Georgia’s first Wellness and Practical Skills 12-hour Continuing Legal Education Seminar and adapted the 2nd Annual Wellness CLE to a six-hour virtual event during COVID. 

Get ready to be amazed and inspired! Join us for our upcoming Coffee & Conversation with Colorful Women, where you will get the chance to learn from Javoyne and women like her who have demonstrated how resilience enabled them to overcome the seemingly impossible–and come out stronger on the other side. Together we can celebrate these amazing women’s motivational journeys towards reclaiming themselves after tough times.

State Bar of Georgia

Wellness Committee–Chair

Coffee and Conversation with Colorful Women
January 21, 2023
10am - 2pm*
*Event ends at 1pm for General Admission

The 1818 Club
6500 Sugarloaf Parkway Duluth, GA 30097
(770) 232-1818



 Continental Breakfast

 Afternoon Snack

 Tea, Coffee, and Juice

 Priority Seating

 Autographed Book

 Meet and Greet with Panelists

  And More

General Admission


 Continental Breakfast

 Afternoon Snack

 Tea, Coffee, and Juice

X  Priority Seating

X  Autographed Book

X  Meet and Greet with Panelists

X  And More

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