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Shift Your Mind, Shift Your Destiny!

Have you ever met someone who seems to know what they want and is working hard towards it?


Do they exude a certain kind of confidence that makes them seem very sure in their life goals?


Chances are, this person has found their purpose. Many people spend years searching for something like this while others struggle to make sense of the world around them--but there comes a time when everyone must take control in life and find out how to live a life that is meaningful and with intentionality!

This 3-day bootcamp will help you do just that: uncovering hidden passions to discover your individual purposes, learning how living with intentions can shape an impactful life for yourself & others alike, plus discovering strategies on how you can turn purpose into tangible actions which ultimately lead toward destiny fulfillment. Don't miss your chance at unlocking potentials previously untapped - join us today to learn how living with purpose can get you exactly where YOU desire & deserve to be!

Through comprehensive guidance, embark on an adventure towards finding what drives your motivation. Learn the 3 strategies to living WITH PURPOSE just for YOU, a life OF PURPOSE FOR OTHERS, and ON PURPOSE set through intentions and action! Tap into endless possibilities by forming deep connections between passion and mission – unlock the key leading to true joy through discovering meaning & fulfillment for all the rest of your days.


Get ready to unleash your potential and make your dreams a reality! Say goodbye to aimless wandering and hello to clarity, vision, and PURPOSE.

Join us for this empowering journey that will be the start of something beautiful!

Stacey L Tidwell

Transitional Strategist/Mindset Coach

Tuesday March 21 - Thursday March23, 2023

6:00 PM EDT/5:00 PM CDT

General Admission*

V.I.P. Admission**

*General Admission to 3-Day Bootcamp for 1 hour Sessions

**V.I.P. Admission to 3-Day Bootcamp for 2 hour Sessions and complimentary ticket to Coffee and Conversation with Colorful Women In-Person event on June 17th in the Greater Metro Atlanta area.

Note: If you can't make it in person for Coffee and Conversation with Colorful Women, get exclusive access to downloadable replay.

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