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Our Founder

Min. Stacey (that's "ey") L (Mackey) Tidwell

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Born and raised as the youngest of four children in Columbus Ohio (home of The Ohio State University Buckeyes); I was often inquisitive about what makes people happy.  A natural born giver, it was always my mission to give the gift that makes people smile with their heart. As a Licensed Minister and Pastoral Care Counselor, I have assisted with empowering people to give that gift to themselves. Through self-introspection and awareness, mindful conceptualization, and a positive liberty, I have been able to help others loose the knots that have kept them bound from walking in their purpose, fulfilling their call and living unapologetically.  It is my mission to untie the knots that keep us all from thriving and scaling our own life's fulfillment using reimagined metrics.

Who I Am

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Godmother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Cousin, Mentor, Minister, Counselor, and Friend.  I have worked in Corporate America for over 35 years and achieved success through education, training and promotion.  Feeling unfulfilled through it all, I began to do work on myself, research on the power of mind and soul and practicums on the human spirit.  My journey and experiences, led me to find commonalities that hinder people from peace and liberty contributed by attempts to assimilate into a world full of other hurt and bound people.  My desire to live free from guilt, worry, insecurity, toxic relationships and repetitive cycles of internal and external trauma, led me on a quest to untie my own knots and those invisible knots of others.  It is my passion to put into practice what I have learned and developed by informing, inspiring and equipping others to do the work to untie the knots that are keeping them bound.

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I am the youngest of four children and was always called the baby of the family.  Feeling as though I had no voice but rather had to listen and follow suit, I worked hard to educate myself and develop skills in an effort to get a good education, get a good job, retire then die.  That never settled well in my spirit, although I continuously did the work.  I completed high school, put myself though college, obtained degrees, certifications, licensures, etc.  I’ve worked as an Administrative Assistant through Senior Engineer and Management; never feeling successful.  I have taught, preached, facilitated, hosted, counselled, mentored and apprenticed others with text book (including Biblical exegesis and eisegesis) methods.  I often felt as empty as those who attended those forums.  I kept thinking that there had to be more; but I also thought that something was wrong with me because others seemed to understand and accept that more was not necessary, realistic or required.  Through the years, I couldn’t shake the feeling that when the scripture says “I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly” John 10:10b, it didn’t mean abundancy of this mundane misery and status quo monotony.  I had to break free from what felt like unspoken and unbroken confinement.  I made the decision that I would free myself or die trying.  I could no longer live for everyone else and what everyone else considered to be success.  I had to define success for myself and my definition of success is completing what you start by learning and growing through the journey. 

Untying Knots

I didn’t realize that I had knots in my life that were keeping me from freely living the life that God created me to have.  The mental and emotional restraints had me representing myself one way in public and second-guessing myself in private.  I had a goal of “One Personhood” (one person for any platform; every platform).  Reality told me that honesty was the key to consistency.  I had to first be honest with myself in order, to be honest with others.  Once I let go of the responsibility for how others would feel about my truth, I was able to show up as one person, with no respect of person.  I, and I alone control my internal narrative, and the story that I would tell myself had to include the freedom to feel what I felt and liberty and grace to live without regrets.  Negative liberation and positive liberation are essential to untying the knots that keep us all in bondage.  Getting to the foundational fibers of challenges, identifying the various ties that get bundled into knots, then meticulously untying the layers that cause unhealthy bonds, are some key components to freedom.  I was called and chosen to assist others in working through the process of loosening the same knots that kept me bound for years.

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