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Transitional Strategist/Mindset Coach

Stacey's impact extends beyond individual transformations. She has been recognized for her exemplary service, receiving

the Distinguished Service

award for her police training program and the

Presidential Lifetime

Achievement Award in 


She has earned multiple

awards, recognitions,

and accolades for her

work and accomplish-

ments in business.

       But what sets Dr. Stacey apart is her ability to bring comfort to

those she works with. She truly understands the struggles and challenges that individuals face, and through her Multi-Discipline

Tree of Humanity™️ System, she provides a roadmap for living a knot-

free life.

        Her ability to connect, personally and professionally, has earned her the       respect and attention of high profile clientele.  “Dr. Stacey generously            shares her wisdom and the lessons she has acquired though diligence and hard work over the years”. Dr. Lewis K.

Stacey - really inspirational on several levels... thank you for sharing both what you know and who you are with us!


         Dr. Stacey’s success story is rooted in her courage to be vulnerable and 

     authentic with her clients. As people learn of her humble beginnings and see

  her remarkable transformation, they feel compelled to apply the teachings from her workshops, masterclasses and women empowerment events and inevitably find success of their own.


Dr. Stacey L. Tidwell is not your average coach or speaker. With her extensive background in coaching, counseling,  keynote speaking, and authorship, she brings a unique perspective to the table – one that is focused on freedom and liberation.


As the President and CEO of KnotFree Living,

Dr. Stacey is on a mission to empower

individuals in all aspects of their lives – from

the workplace to the home and society at

large. Her powerful message resonates

with people from all walks of life, making

her a highly sought after coach and


Our Founder

Empowering People toLive a KnotFree Life

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