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If the church is the representation of God, then God should be reflected by the church.  In some respects, the church has lost sight of the will of God and in other respects the purpose of the church as it relates to the spirit of God.  How did we get so far from God’s grace?  How does God handle the hurt inflicted by the very entity that is supposed to represent God’s Heavenly kingdom here on Earth? When the church inflicts hurt upon God’s people, where do people go for healing?  The scriptures guide us through the spiritual principles of God’s divine healing, even when inflicted upon by Church Leadership.

In “The Church that Hurts: The God that Heals”, Dr. Stacey takes you through the process of healing from the wounds of the church by understanding who God is and how God is a liberator not Persecutor.  Many churches have hurt its parishioners by using scripture to control the narrative of right and wrong.  Somewhere along the way, there has been a decreasing amount of grace which God freely gives.  Who more to seek grace, than those seeking God in church.  Nevertheless, instead of being met with compassion, many people have been met in the church with condemnation and abuse.  God heals all wounds and holds church leadership accountable for the injuries and injustices projected upon people under the guise of religious ramification, penalization and even extrication.

Journey through instances where the church did more harm than good and experience God's grace through understanding what one can expect through the healing power of God.

The Church that Hurts, The God that Heals

As a licensed minister, who worked within the church for many years, I understand the hurt that can and does take place under the auspices of religion.  I experienced it myself.  The church has seemingly lost sight, in some respects, to the purpose of the community and fellowship.  The church is supposed to provide guidance, love and acceptance but rather than operate in the spirit of God, the church often operates in the spirit of man.  I have witness the hurt inflicted upon the church for many people for many years.  There is no feeling more powerless than to not be in a position to speak on, invoke change and empower others to heal the hurts brought on by those they trusted, especially in the church.

Explore with me the challenges to changes between the church and God, hurting to healing, destruction to deliverance.  The Church that Hurts; The God that Heals opens the opportunities of healing when hurt has been inflicted upon by the church.




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