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KnotFree Living

About Our Company

KnotFree Living LLC was birthed as a result of societal mis-messaging, church/religion rhetoric, and generational/familial emotional invalidation.  During therapeutic sessions there was a common thread of challenges and obstacles that resonated from likely sources and seemingly like-minded messages - “pray about it”, “that’s the way it's been for generations” and “it is what it is”.  KnotFree Living is a detangling mechanism geared towards untying the knots that can’t be loosed through that messaging.  People are struggling and confused; not just about how and why feelings of unhappiness and discontent are present, but the origin of these sentiments.  Knowing everyone else is tied up in knots, doesn’t keep one from feeling the impacts of those restraints.  KnotFree Living LLC strives to inform, inspire, equip and untie those seeking liberation and offer the opportunity to live life knot free.

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Our mission is to equip others with tools to untie the knots that bind the human spirit from meaningful impact and positive lifelong imprints. We provide opportunities to learn and know oneself intricately - so that every individual can trust their instincts, operate in conscious mindfulness, loose the knots of other’s expectations, and live with clarity and freedom.


Our Vision is a world where all people are valued for their individual contribution to the human race and where everyone can live in their full reality of who they are while being accepted and respected for what they believe. KnotFree Living aims to lead the way in personal and professional humanity. We will steadfastly uphold our values, using them as guiding principles to teach, coach, train, and inspire others to understand and act with integrity and authenticity in appreciating themselves and others. We envision a world where, regardless of the platform, individuals are free to be unique and not only receive acceptance for their distinctiveness, but also reciprocate that acceptance, recognizing the uniqueness of others. It's a vision of a world that celebrates diversity, fosters understanding, and cultivates respect and appreciation for all.

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Tying a Knot
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