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Strategy Session

Want to dig deeper with a one-on-one strategy with KnotFree Living LLC., schedule a "Strategy Session" to help clear your blind spots.  If you are a current client, check your agreement for the number of strategy sessions accompany your package.  If you are a new client without a contractual agreement, the strategy session(s) are done on a cost per session basis.

A strategy session is a call or a meeting that is focused on providing value, defining a strategy, and creating a plan. A strategy session includes creating a vision, following best practices, or assigning activities with timeframes and resources.


There will be questions and answers in a very informal relaxed conversation to determine considerations and blind spots otherwise missed.  Strategy Sessions are done in 1-hour increments and can last as long as 1.5 hours max.

Strategy Sessions are done in 1-hour increments and can last as long as 1.5 hours max.  The sessions are typically not at a cost for existing clients and are done based upon one-to-one rather than a group session.  For non-contractual clients, Strategy Sessions are on a costs per session basis and must be paid prior to the session.  Once a session is requested and accepted, an email with further details will be sent with instructions on time, location (typically Zoom), payment option (if required) and a questionnaire for strategy focus.

During the Strategy Session, it is imperative that respect, privacy and integrity are present and therefore, we will make every effort to create a safe and secure space for those to exist.

Schedule your Strategy Session Today!  We look forward to serving you! 




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