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Couple/Marriage Sessions

Work through partnership challenges and providing the tools to respect, understand, and accept relational commitments and compromise.

Session Time: 50 - 110 Minutes

Happy Senior Couple

KnotFree Living offers sessions for those who have been dating for a few months to married for decades.  Couple counseling is essential for happy, healthy, meaningful, and prosperous partnerships.  We offer partnership skillsets through:

  • premarital counseling to set realistic expectations, learn familial patterns of behavior and understand boundaries, and deal-breakers for success,

  • marriage counseling to navigate the growing pains that come with combining and intertwining life patterns together,

  • couples counseling for those wanting to plan a future together or navigate through their current relationship to create meaningful experiences with each other

During sessions, couples will develop the mindset and tools to love without conditions, fight fair, lean into one another during difficult times, trust selves and each other, partner with partner, release role assignments and enter into role agreements and learn support for self-care and advocacy.   Help us help you create a life together that you came together to live... unbound and knotfree.

You will receive scheduling instructions upon receipt of payment.  Please be sure to check all folders in your email for confirmation and status emails.

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