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Discovery Session

Want to inquire about services with KnotFree Living LLC., schedule a "Discovery Call" to discover the service offerings that are the best fit for your needs.

The Purpose of a Discovery Session is to discuss what you want to accomplish and how we can help reach to that goal.  There will be questions and answers in a very informal relaxed conversation to determine whether or not we are a good match for you and you for us.

The Discovery Session can last from 30 mins to an hour depending on the need and extent of the services being requested.  Discovery Sessions are typically not at a cost to the potential client and are done based upon a one to one rather than a group session.

During the Discovery Session, it is imperative that respect, privacy and integrity are present and therefore, we will make every effort to create a safe and secure space for those to exist.

Schedule your Discovery Session Today!  We look forward to serving you! 




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