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Managing Existential Vulnerabilities

Learning to understand existential vulnerability and how self-awareness plays a role in combating negative impacts for oneself and others.

Standing on Cliff's Edge

“Managing Existential Vulnerability through Self-Awareness"

The state of being vulnerable is one experienced by everyone at various points and time in life.  But have you ever thought of the vulnerability that exists by just your mere presence?  This happens often without consciousness.  There is a chemical shift in the body when people are placed in a position of vulnerability. Think about it…. We’ve all been in situations where someone is walking towards or behind us, entering into a room/building, attending a video teleconference call or attending an event where they look or present a certain way that automatically invokes discomfort.  We often can’t explain or determine when or why it happens nor do we try to.  Existential Vulnerability is a term that I have coined in reference to the vulnerabilities experienced by the presence of being based upon societal categorizations.  This workshop is focused on staying in a state of self-awareness to combat the discomfort, internal and external conflicts and energy shifts that are caused by existential vulnerability. 

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