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Family Sessions

Sessions are utilized to help build/rebuild the family foundation, set parameters and boundaries, and empower every familial role with the opportunity to thrive.

Note: session timeframes vary based upon family needs.

Family with Tablet

KnotFree Living offers sessions for families trying to navigate the ever-changing structure which occurs through marriage, divorce, childbirth, aging relatives, trauma, loss, religious/spiritual conflict, identity conflict, etc.  Life’s transitions can cause family stability to come into question and sometimes getting on the same page to work through the transitions together can prove challenging.  There are typically knots tied into the family structure that have never been untangled and adding transitional knots into the mix can be detrimental to individuals and family units as a whole.  Untying those existing knots, newly added knots, and preventing future knots would be the goal of family sessions.  Help us help every family member live the life that each one was created to live... unbound and knotfree.

You will receive scheduling instructions upon receipt of payment.  Please be sure to check all folders in your email for confirmation and status emails.

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