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Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions working through internal challenges that hinder external fulfilling relationships.

Session Time: 50 Minutes


KnotFree Living offers individual sessions geared towards targeting underlying challenges that may hinder peace, love and fulfillment in relationships with others.  Based upon the individual needs, work is done to explore impacts from family history, familial trauma/patterns, relational insecurities, work/school/career goals and aspirations, emotional quotient health, unresolved grief, sexual identity/orientation comfortability, etc.  Tools will be provided and assignments are made to untie the knots that hinder advancement and growth from emotional, spiritual, physical and mental development.  Help us help you live the life that you were created to live... unbound and knotfree.

You will receive scheduling instructions upon receipt of payment.  Please be sure to check all folders in your email for confirmation and status emails.

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