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Misappropriated Vulnerabilities

Learning when its appropriate and not appropriate to be vulnerable and how vulnerability can lead to self-sabotage when misappropriated.”

Reviewing Proposal

“Misappropriated Vulnerability leading to Self-Sabotage

This workshop is intended to begin the exploration of willful vulnerability and self-sabotage as a result of the inability and/or unwillingness to determine when being vulnerable is necessary/appropriate.  Many people experience fear when it comes to allowing themselves to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability has long been viewed as a state of being creating negative results and/or a mindset of associated weakness.  This workshop is designed to dispel that messaging and redefine vulnerability as a choice for positive outcomes.  As a means of empowerment, vulnerability appropriation is a solid skillset that will provide freedom and liberty without second guessing that natural intuition that prompts the discretionary limits on sharing oneself.  This workshop focuses solely on when and how vulnerability can be tool instead of a weapon. 

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