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Knotfree Living is available for seminars. Beyond what can be booked below, we can customize any topic and forum to meet the needs of the client.  For pre-constructed and customizable seminars, please contact us. 

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Coffee and Coversation with Colorful Women

Women everywhere have long been taught to stray from taboo topics.  The impact of pride, secrecy and shame have long kept women entangled in knots hindering them from living out their potential.  Some of this is discussed in the book "A Life Without Crumbs" and through post publication women have asked to have "The Conversation".  This occurrence of Coffee and Conversation with Colorful Women will do just that. Join in on the conversation and conversion from Shame to Empowerment.

Image by Joshua Eckstein

The Church that Hurts; The God that Heals! 

Many people are suffering behind trauma inflicted upon by the church.  Religion and Doctrines have long-imprisoned parishioners instead of liberating them through the love of God.

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