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A Life Without Crumbs: A Daughter's Journey through a Path to Forgiveness

In a quest to always untie the knots in my life, I often respond to the call of God for me to step outside of my comfort zone.  One of those very poignant moments was in 2021, when already faced with several of life's challenges, God required me to once again step out on faith and trust "The Plan and The Process". 


My father, with whom I had an already complicated relationship, was diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer.  Was I going to step up or step out?  Already feeling a plethora of emotions, I embarked upon this journey of reinjury, renewal, revisitation and restoration.

Travel with me through the lessons of love, life and forgiveness for self and others where I learned to set boundaries and operate in authenticity, enabling relational knots to be untied. One step closer to becoming "Knot" free, I was humbled by being chosen to explore and share this experience of humanity through yet another transition of life.

Minister Stacey (that's "ey) L Tidwell

In this book, “A Life Without Crumbs”, Stacey takes you on the life’s journey of her late father who truly believed that he lived a life without meaningful impacts on others (good, bad and indifferent).  She walks the reader through the path of imprints left and lessons learned around actions, inactions, forgiveness and the value of time. The premise that its never too late to make an imprint, resonates throughout each chapter, with lessons on how even the most mynute interactions create lasting crumbs traceable through words, behaviors and thoughts.  Travel with her as she guides you through changing the trajectory of your future crumbs and how to reshape the crumbs that you have already left and have been left with you.


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This workshop is intended to begin the exploration of willful vulnerability and self-sabotage as a result of the inability and/or unwillingness to determine when being vulnerable is necessary/appropriate.  Many people experience fear when it comes to allowing themselves to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability has long been viewed as a state of being creating negative results and/or a mindset of associated weakness.  This workshop is designed to dispel that messaging and redefine vulnerability as a choice for positive outcomes.  As a means of empowerment, vulnerability appropriation is a solid skillset that will provide freedom and liberty without second guessing that natural intuition that prompts the discretionary limits on sharing oneself.  This workshop focuses solely on when and how vulnerability can be tool instead of a weapon. 

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