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Challenging the Fabric of Our Beliefs

In the vast tapestry of life, we're often draped in layers of historical, familial, and societal beliefs. These beliefs infuse every aspect of our day-to-day; from the cashmere of our financial frameworks to the spandex of our relationship dynamics.


But what if these fabrics no longer fit the narrative of the empowered adults that we are? Through exploration, we unravel the threads of conventional wisdom and reweave a more tailored, intentional pattern that fits our authentic self and serves our greater good.

Fashionably Aware of Finances, Nutrition, Relationships and Mentality

Dr. Stacey (that’s “ey”) L. Tidwell

Being fashionably aware extends far beyond the clothes we wear. It's about making informed, conscious decisions in all facets of our lives, including our finances, nutrition, relationships, and mental health. Although this does not negate other human conditions covered by the Tree of Humanity, I became painfully aware that I've long outgrown the belief apparel around these particular disciplines.​


I was always striving to look my best, but often found that the clothes I put on, the accessories I wore and the makeup and hairstyles I adorned were mere distractions from the bigger picture. I was neglecting other important areas of my life, and it wasn't until I became tired of being tired of putting on the full armor of conformity in order to fit in and draw attention away from my insecurities. I then realized there was a better way to dress; in a way that aligned with my values and beliefs.

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4 Styling Techniques To Master



Dressing the Part in Finance - Who’s Tailoring Your Money Mindset?

Who do you fashion your financial beliefs after? Start to make your money make sense (cents).



Sizing Up Your Plate - 

Nutrition without the Fad Fabric!

Our culinary landscape is painted with the broad strokes of what’s 'in' or 'out', however good nutrition is always in.



Attire with Care!

The fabrics of our relationships are often the oldest in our closet. Create tailor made relationships that fit across seasons.



Why Your Mental Apparel Matters!

Our mental attire is perhaps the most personal wardrobe of all.   Its time to change the fashion landscape of our beliefs.

Let's tailor our attitudes, mindsets and relationships to fit who we truly are, rather than following the trends set by others. It's time to design a financial plan that aligns with our personal values and goals, instead of blindly following traditional advice. And it's time to nourish our bodies with healthy habits, rather than jumping on the latest diet fad.


By owning our personal style in all aspects of life, we can create a more authentic and fulfilling lifestyle. So let's confidently strut down the runway of life, dressed in the fabric that truly represents us.

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Your Fashion Designers

The "Coffee and Conversation ...Who Are You Wearing?" event is an opportunity to begin to gain the tools to challenge your beliefs, around some of the Human Conditions that impact us all.  Be it that "money makes the world go round", "you are what you eat", "treat others as you want to be treated" and/or "a penny for your thoughts", we are taught to believe and operate from a place of unintentional ill advisement. 

Our expert speakers will unpack fads, unseasonable wear and antiquated accessories in the areas of finances, nutrition, relationships and mentality through provoking dialogue and real-life applicable scenarios to avoid future fashion faux pas. 

Coffee and Conversation...
Who Are You Wearing?

Atlanta, GA

June 20, 2024
VIP Only
11:00am - 3:00pm

"Collaboration and Conversation"

June 21-22, 2024
8:00am - 5:00pm
All Attendees


Coffee and Conversation... "Who Are You Wearing" presents a unique chance to challenge and transform your existing fabric around finance, nutrition, relationships, and mental intelligence. Our beliefs and understandings, or the lack thereof, stagnates the runway that often holds us back. We've brought together leading experts who break away from the conventional fashion, avoiding outdated, textbook methods that fail to adapt over time. Engaging with these top minds would typically exceed the cost of this event, making it an unparalleled opportunity that surpasses any red carpet experience.
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Best Value

Coffee & Conversation - V.I.P.



Who are you wearing? June 20-22

Valid until canceled

V.I.P. Registration

 Continental Breakfast

  Catered Lunch

✔  Afternoon Snack

 Coffee and other Beverages

 V.I.P. Seating

  Swag Bag (filled with gifts)

 Who Are You Wearing Workbook

 30-Day Devotion & Journal

 Admission to Collaboration and Conversation

✔ Intimate Meet and Greet with Speakers

✔  And More

Who Are You Wearing?

June 20-22, 2024

with coupon code.


with coupon code.


Coffee & Conversation - Gen Admission



Who are you wearing? June 21-22

Valid until canceled

General Admission

 Continental Breakfast

  Catered Lunch

 Afternoon Snack

 Coffee and other Beverages

 General Seating

 Swag Bag

Who Are You Wearing Workbook

X  30-Day Devotion & Journal

X Admission to Collaboration and Conversation

X  Intimate Meet and Greet with


June 21-22, 2024

Who Are You Wearing?

with coupon code.


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