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KnotFree Living offers masterclasses, workshops and bootcamps as a form of group sessions around specific topics.  See our workshop offerings below.



A Masterclass introducing the creation of positive Mental, and Emotional strategies to reclaim power over time.

Image by Pierre Bamin

Managing Existential Vulnerabilities

An awareness workshop focused on understanding existential vulnerability and how self-awareness plays a role in combating negative impacts for oneself and others. 

Women Practicing Yoga

G.E.T. F.I.T.T.
8 Week Signature Program

Course designed to learn how to make positive lasting mindset and emotional change.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Misappropriated Vulnerabilities

An intense introspective workshop identifying when its appropriate and not appropriate to be vulnerable and how vulnerability can lead to self-sabotage when misappropriated.

Image by Jake Oates

Series: Family Knots

This is a series of workshops based upon the book "Family Knots:  The ties that keep us bound".

Book Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Image by Ian Stauffer

Series: A Life Without Crumbs

This is a series of workshops based upon the book "A Life Without Crumbs: A Daughter's Journey through a Path to Forgiveness". 

Book Available on Amazon Now!

Coming Soon
Image by Ian Stauffer

Series: Vulnerability

A series of workshops to focus on understanding different areas of vulnerability and providing tools to transition to conscientious vulnerability.

Workbooks Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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