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KnotFree Living LLC

Untying life’s knots one strand at a time


About Me

A natural-born giver, it was always my mission to give the gift that makes people smile with their heart. As a Licensed Minister and Pastoral Care Counselor, I have assisted with empowering people to give that gift to themselves.

"When He was alone with His disciples, He went over everything sorting out the tangles, untying the knots.” 

Mark 4:34b MSG


Counseling sessions geared towards untying knots for individuals, couples and families.

Stressed Woman
Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande

Individual Sessions

Work through internal challenges that hinder external fulfilling relationships.

50 min Sessions

Couples/Marriage Sessions

Work through partnership challenges with the tools to respect, understand, and accept relational commitments and compromise.

Up to 100 min Sessions

Family Sessions

Build/rebuild the family foundation, set parameters and boundaries and empower every familial role with the opportunity to thrive.


Session timeframes vary based upon family needs.

Get in Touch

1000 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 6, #242

Suwanee, Georgia 30024

Phone: 678.562.KNFL (5635)

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Happy Senior Couple


Jennifer J., MS

It was a pleasure to attend the workshop on Existential Vulnerabilities.  The leader, Stacey, was extremely knowledgeable and used relatable scenarios to showcase our own personal vulnerabilities.  I look forward to attending more sessions towards the goal of Knotfree Living. 5 out 5 stars!!

Lori L., TX

Min. Stacey is a source for sound biblical advice and counseling.  During our talks she is able use Gods word to help bring the most complex problem into submission using God’s word.

Stephen K., NY

Knotfree Living has helped me untie the knots in my life.  Dealing with and healing from familial trauma is not work I wanted to do on my own.  While giving agency and space to explore my feelings on my own, KFL helped provide the tools necessary for my journey.  Thanks to the KFL team!

Jody H., OH

I love your book!  I have read it twice..  I tend to underline things that speak to me when I read but I quickly realized if I did that I would be underlining the whole book so had to regroup and ended up starring things as I went along.  Reading your words is like having your own therapist right there because when you speak it feels like you are speaking what so many are thinking and feeling and haven't been able to identify or to say.  I could go on and on.

Mike V., GA

Stacey - really inspirational on several levels... thank you for sharing both what you know and who you are with us!

Ken D., GA

Stacey - Simply beautiful and amazing - God is at work in you!

Gina H., GA

Stacey delivered and hit home for all of us!!!! Kudos for your work in this area.

WIlliam C., SC

Stacey is an amazing woman.  I am glad our lives crossed.  I learned so much from her to be a better leader.  I hope she connects with others as much as she  has connected with me.

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